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Trade Bitcoin, Gift cards and other digital assets securely & seamlessly.

Deevendor is Africa's Largest Crypto Hub

Deevendor is a platform that enables customers to convert their bitcoins to cash at a reasonable price or preferred local currency. We exchange all prepaid gift cards for cash instantly & convert excess airtime to cash. We offer a fast and secure medium to transact safely.

Trade securely & seamlessly

Why trade with us?

Best Rates In The Market

We offer the best rates in the market for bitcoin, giftcards and airtime conversion to cash. We've got juicy offers for you and we deliver at the best time possible.

Secure Transaction

Trading with us is completely safe and secure. Your gift cards are safe because we redeem them directly. We don't give out cards to third party.

24/7 World-class Customer Support

Yes, we are available every single minute of the day to trade your gift cards. Connect with us via WhatsApp 24/7.

Gift Cards We Buy


iTunes, Steam, Google, Visa

Apple Store, Macy, Vanilla, Target

Walmart, Nike, Amex, Offgamers

eBay, Best-Buy, Home Depot

Amazon, Sephora, Nordstrom, Nike

American Express, Foot Locker



Connect with us on WhatsApp

Tap on the floating Whatsapp icon on the bottom left of the screen to initiate a secure transaction with our verified WhatsApp channel.

Begin Trade

To begin a trade, kindly indicate the digital asset you want to sell. we trade cryptocurrencies, gift cards and airtime to cash.

Wait for confirmation

Wait for your transaction to be processed, this usually takes less than 5 minutes.

Receive funds

Once your offered digital asset has been confirmed, you will be required to provide a designated bank account details and your account will be funded immediately.



We pay immediately to the account you provided during your trading session on WhatsApp or your order form. Once we confirm your transferred coin or card, you will be funded immediately.

Yes, we give better rates for bulk traders.

Yes we do. But we only accept a minimum of 1000 Mexican pesos.

Yes we do. The percentage varies depending on your network provider. please make enquiry for the rate before making a transfer.

Yes, we are available 24/7 to trade with you.


Deevendor has a nice customer service and fast response rate. I highly recommend the site.


Their rates are amazing!! highly recommended. 👍


Transaction is smooth and quick. Best website for all your deals!


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No. 58 Awoniyi Elemo Street, Ajao Estate, Lagos, Nigeria.



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